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Become a better putter today


The Kotahi Putter Grip is a revolutionary putter grip designed to take any unnecessary hand movement or rotation out of the putting stroke. 


If you suffer from the yips or missing short putts consistently, then this is for you... 


By having our palms up, and feeling like our arms and elbows are tucked closer to our torso, we feel more united and working as one unit through the putting stroke.


Kotahi translates to "unite as one", and this is what we are trying to establish here with this putter hold.


So to smooth your putting stroke, let's get the palms up, and break away from tradition using the Kotahi Hold Science.  Palms up, Extend the Wrists (whilst standing in an upright position) and bend over to address your putt. 


Available in 2 sizes, the regular and undersize, and many different colours.


For more information YouTube


If you require a professional fit, we can do this for your here in Tauranga or your club professional at any local club will do this. Our fee is $10 clubs should be left at Fairview Golf Club for pick up and drop off.



Kotahi putter grip undersize

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