Golf Fitness 

Trying to make a swing change and its just not happening? or are you sick of nagging pain after golf, there could very well be a reason why these things are troubling you. Booking in a golf fitness screening and assessment and lets get you on the road to better golf stronger.  

A TPI Screening will look at your functional movements and swing characteristics we can then build a plan of daily exercises to help get you back on track.

Golf Fitness Screening

One off golf fitness screening 

with report. 

You will also receive an at home daily mobility workout and a pre game warm up routine. 




So you want to get serious about your Golf Fitness? Stacey can work in with golf fitness specialist Dan Crook to offer you full gym programs to get you golf fit and improving faster than you thought possible.



Screening and swing analysis

Golf fitness and full swing screening analysis with report.

You will also receive a daily mobility program and a pre game golf warm up routine.



Screening and swing analysis

Golf fitness and full swing screening analysis, game improvement program to suit your needs, golf warm up program

6 Week program with a screening at the beginning and end of the program and 6 weekly 1 hour coaching sessions at Jks World of Golf




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